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Sound Bath Calendar

Ready for some deep Self-care with your online sound bath?  Self-care at its most harmonious! I love creating the conditions for you to release stress & anxiety and come back to your True Self so that you can live a rich, fulfilling life. I do this with beautiful sound frequency harmonics, the power of Intention, breath work, long-distance energy balancing techniques, like Reiki & the Radiance Technique and Love. 


Be cozy and comfortable in your own home. No need to drive, park or hire a babysitter. Make no mistake, the sound delivery and our combined energy in an online sound bath or my online sound bath ceremonies is just as beautiful and powerful as in person. 

Upcoming Sound Bath Event Dates

New Year's Sound Bath Ceremony

PAY WHAT YOU CAN!  Video Recording up Friday 12/30 through Tuesday morning 1/3 PST. Usher in 2023 clear, grounded, and centered so that you may live into your highest possibilities for 2023!

In gratitude for all who have participated in my video recordings in 2022, I'd like to offer this one up as 'Pay what you can' donations. You will have unlimited access to this Recording for 4 nights, beginning on Friday, 12/30 at 6 pm PST through Monday night, 1/2 and into Tuesday morning when it will come down at 10 am PST.

So you will have plenty of time to use this Video Recording for your own Ceremony and meditation purposes AROUND any other celebrations you may be attending. Also, this Video Recording is very helpful for relieving insomnia, stress, or anxiety issues to help you go into a deep restful night's sleep for the duration!

We will begin with grounding and setting sacred space, and move into affirmative prayer declarations (while I play the crystal bowls), and then you'll dive deep into peace & relaxation with a beautiful clearing and healing sound bath with my 432hz crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, Venus Paiste gong, Koshi chimes, and other sweet magical sounds.

Exchange: PAY WHAT YOU CAN. This is my major source of income, and this is also my end- of-the-year gift for those who can't normally afford my always sliding scale $15-55 events that are always unlimited access for 4 days/ nights!

To avoid any fees although since it's by donation it is minimal on Eventbrite, you can donate in any of the following ways:

Venmo me at Mikaela-Jones-6

CashApp at $MikaelaJones6

Zelle: Use the above email & 503-705-1609 for the id

***After you reserve your spot, please email me or FB message me saying you've purchased the link. You'll receive the private YouTube link by Friday, December 30th at 6 pm PST.

My email: ***

To use your credit card:

Please use this Eventbrite page link to purchase tickets:

You can purchase the link anytime between now and Monday night 1/2 at 8 pm, and I'll send you the link.

Again, the link will be up until 10am PST Tuesday, 1/3.

My professional studio setup sounds divine! Earbuds/headphones or Blue Tooth speakers are always ideal.

Ways to have an optimum experience: Light a candle, and have your crystals and essential oils as well for a potent Self-Care experience. Wear layers (some people get warm, some get cold), and socks. Do it once through 'awake' if possible, and then you can also use it as a lullaby to help you go to sleep for the four nights it will be up.

I look forward to diving deep into peace & bliss with these beautiful, powerful sound frequencies with you and ushering in a magical year of peace, love, harmony, freedom, and prosperity for ALL.

In Gratitude and Harmony

REMEMBER TO please send me your email to specifying which event you are signing up for after you have purchased your spot. I’ll be emailing out the private links for the event usually early afternoon of the same day of the livestream.


Click on the events link BELOW for more info and to see all the different payment options. I currently accept Venmo, Paypal, CashApp, Zelle & credit cards via Eventbrite. Eventbrite has minimal fees since I have it set to donation. 

$35-15 sliding scale depending on if you’re financially flowing or challenged during this time. 

How to Reserve your Spot without the fees. This info is in the links as well but for quick purchase…


You can Venmo me at Mikaela-Jones-6


PayPal me at


CashApp at $MikaelaJones6


Zelle: Use the above email & 503-705-1609 for the id


Or pay with credit card via the Eventbrite links in event description/links.



AGAIN, PLEASE REMEMBER TO please send me your email to specifying which event you are signing up for after you have purchased your spot. I’ll be emailing out the private links for the event usually early afternoon of the same day of the livestream.

~ Gift Certificates available~ Email me the details and I’ll send you a printable gift certificate made out to the person you’d like to gift it to. 

 If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.   


I look forward to joining you in the beautiful and magical sound frequencies of one of my online sound bath events soon! All have special pricing for the time being while we face this current global challenge. I recommend you participate in as many online sound baths as you can to release stress & worry, and to come back to your center, to your inner peace…so that you can be your Best Self.


Email me if you’d like me to put you on my mailing list where I list all of my monthly livestream virtual / online sound baths with dates & times, etc.

May All beings be peaceful and be well … and may All beings know the Truth of who they are as Spiritual Beings of Light here on an Adventure, connected in Love…

“I, like everyone else, have been pretty stressed out lately.  I’ve been to Mikaela’s sound baths in Portland and wasn’t sure if a Virtual Sound Bath Meditation would be as good. I was pleasantly blown away. With just a phone and my cheap earbuds, it sounded like she was playing the instruments right here in my bedroom! And when it was over, I didn’t need to schlep all my stuff and drive home! I simply drifted off into one of the deepest sleeps I’ve had in months. I woke up feeling refreshed, lighter, and more ‘me’ then I have in some time. I will definitely be doing these regularly. Thank you, Mikaela, for getting set up to do these virtual sound bath meditations!”
~ C. Leon 

For more participant responses, please visit the Testimonial page

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