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Do you wish you had better connection and communication with your Higher Self


— that part of you that is ageless and eternal? That part of you that is the Highest Essence of ‘you’ in any incarnation of your Soul in any timeline?

I CAN HELP you consciously set up this connection more deeply so that you may receive Guidance from your Higher Self at any time.

You won’t need an Intuitive or a psychic anymore because your BEST GUIDE is your Higher Self within you… 

Now, there is nothing wrong with getting an intuitive reading, an angel reading, or a psychic reading... I have conducted many hundreds of Angel Readings over the years to the delight and satisfaction of my clients.


However, over the last few years, I have seen a greater need for clarity and comfort to navigate these uncertain times…I began to receive the nudge from  MY HIGHER SELF to empower people to connect with their Higher Self directly so that they could receive the guidance they need from THEIR OWN EXPERT at any time... and hence, Higher Self Sessions were born

In a Higher Self Session, I’ll serve as the conduit of communication for you with your Higher Self. The Intention is that you will receive your unique process to connect with your Higher Self more deeply, (It's not a one size fits all) process, so that you may begin a more conscious and enriching relationship with your Higher Self. I will also share Images OF  your Higher Self , which is often a deeply heart opening experience; Imagery around your gifts & talents that you wanted to express in this lifetime; as well as any Imagery your Higher Self wants you to know at this time. The images are most often fairytale-like and metaphorical.


You will leave the session feeling a new sense of

SELF belief, SELF assurance, and SELF empowerment. 

“I loved, loved, loved my Higher Self session! It offered a wealth of valuable information, tools, and guidance downloaded directly from my own highest wisdom. The symbols and vivid imagery Mikala shared have given me multilayered and ongoing insight. Tapping back into these images in meditation, I continue to receive deep insight and support from this powerful  session! Thank you!” - Kim C


All sessions are held on Zoom. All sessions last about 45 minutes (ish) and can be recorded. 


After the session, I will send you an email with important general reminders re: the Session as well as links by which to pay. 


You can also have follow-up sessions to refresh and/ or receive more Imagery. 


All sessions are sliding scale $85-165


Email me (see below) to schedule your Higher Self Session today. 


I accept Zelle, Venmo, Cash App, PayPal, and credit cards via Square with a link I will provide following your session.


Sessions are currently held on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays and are offered between 12 noon - 5 pm MT 

**If none of these time windows work for you; just reach out. I do have some flexibility around this... we'll make it work.**


Please reach out to schedule by contacting me at the below email address: 




“Mikala is a pure channel. It felt AMAZING to see/feel my Higher Self come through! The images she received from my Higher Self were so clear (and fascinating) and while she sometimes didn’t know what they meant, I sure did. And they were spot on! There was one I had to look up online, and its spiritual meaning / guidance was also right on the money! This was so helpful… I highly recommend a Higher Self Session with Mikala!” ~ Katherine H

See the PRAISE page for more Higher Self Session Testimonials


I look forward to connecting with you AND

your Higher Self soon. 

With Gratitude, Light & Love, 


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